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Competition & Antitrust

Competition and Antitrust is a complex and technical subject that does not easily lend itself to provide a summary or concise clarification. With the rise in globalization and the opening of markets worldwide, it has become a subject of great practical importance. It includes the establishment and development of concepts, legal principles, and policies solely for the benefit of consumer interest. The Competition Laws principles and policies are applied to a wide range of private agreements and arrangements, which commercial undertakings enter into for themselves or with each other, and alongside that, they also apply to the policies and directions of the Government. Legallands law firm, a law firm based in Delhi deals with the matters related to the Competition laws are basically put-forward to the CCI, DG and NCLAT, Various High Courts, and the Supreme Court of India. We also advise and assist clients based in and outside India in merger filings before the CCI.

Which Authority deals with competition Laws in India?

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) deals with the case laws associated with competition in India.

Our services

Legallands law firm, the best law firm based in Delhi assists its clients who operate in a board range of economic sectors, which includes mining, heavy industry, energy, engineering, motor vehicle manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food manufacturing and distribution, transportation, telecommunications, information technology and the media and financial services.


Legallands law firm is the best law firm in Delhi that can deal with all forms of Competition law matters in India. We also advise and represent clients in relation to anticompetitive agreements, abuses of dominant position as well as merger control. We regularly deal with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) and the office of the Director General (DG) in relation to complaints of breaches of Competition Law and investigations. We also represent our clients in appeals before the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT).


Anti-Competitive Agreements


Agreements between the competitors, including cartels that involve price-fixing, limitation or control of production, market-sharing or bid rigging are presumed to have a negative impact on the competition. Where infringements are established, the enterprises that are involved, persons in charge and other individuals involved are liable to pay very high penalties.


We advise on whether or not there may have been cartel violations. We also advise on the application of the CCI leniency programme, and guide applicants through the complex leniency process.

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