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Construction & Infrastructure Law

 What is Construction Law?

Construction law relates to legal issues that are related to construction. Such can be the construction of a building or any other structure. There is no one particular law that governs construction laws single-handedly. That is the biggest backlog relating to construction law in India. Whenever there is an issue relating to construction of any kind there is a variety of laws to be taken look at to bring the situation to a conclusion. Such various statutes are like Contract Act, Transfer of Property Act, and Labor Law, etc.

What is Infrastructure Law?

 Infrastructure is the basis of economic success. It includes power, projects, roads, ports, water projects, telecommunication projects, railroads, etc. before NEP, infrastructure was under the purview of the public sector and central government. However, after NEP, opted for private privatization. That is more incentives have been given to the private sector to deal on such projects. However, even after development in NEP, India still faces unrealized potential in the infrastructure space.

Indian infrastructure Law suffers from the same problem as that of construction law. There is no particular law dealing with it.

What is the Legal Framework dealing with Construction and Infrastructure Law?

Whether it is Construction Law or Infrastructure law in India, there is a need for considerable change that is to be brought in India on this field. The problem that arises in such a situation is that whenever a problem comes different laws governing has to be taken purview of. The project manager is the person who has to go through it all to bring peace in any dispute or to be in compliance with any provision governing in that area. There is no single legislation that handles it. There also exists a municipality of regularity authorities the project manager has to contend with.

Services provided by Legallands on Construction and infrastructure law

The LEGALLANDS Law firm is the best firm that represents construction companies and contractors concerning agreements for pre-bid and post bid of tenders.

Legallands offers advisory on :

  1. Construction documents such as consortium, joint venture, collaboration, associate agreements for pre-bid and post-bid of tender, and other sub-contract documents
  2. Engineering Procurement Contract, Construction Contract, Onshore, and Offshore Advanced Engineering documents, and all allied documents.
  3. Formation of joint venture (infrastructure) company for project/s or the venture and the allied documents for bridges, roads, dams, tunnels, pipelines, mining, marine, power.
  4. Preparing, reviewing, negotiating, and administration of construction contracts
  5. Assistance in identifying opportunities in India and understanding the regulatory atmosphere
  6. Assistance in conceptualization and documentation necessary for setting up infrastructure projects
  7. Legal assistance in Environmental Compliances, Contracts and Regulatory Matters in Public Private Partnership Projects
  8. Advice on diverse laws relating to land acquisition, FDI policy in India, etc.


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