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Gaming Business In Dubai


The gaming sector in the UAE has been booming and has open several opportunities to the foreign investors who are deciding to invest in the country. The UAE over the recent years has shown a tremendous rise in innovation in all its sectors. With latest emerging trends and technology, the process of making investments in the innovation sectors have become way too easy and simple.

Gaming industry in the UAE has provided the gaming companies an excellent platform to exhibit their innovative ideas with the latest advanced technologies.


There are numerous ways to run an online gaming business. You can run an online store to sell video games, open a physical venue where people can play them, or build a subscription service where online players can interact and have fun. Each type of business has advantages and disadvantages; the key is to narrow your organization’s focus through an exhaustively thought-out business plan.

We advise you to undertake market research on the most recent developments in the industry, as with any company plan. The importance of producing content that appeals to regional tastes has increased. You may benefit from utilising some of the well-known local game designers and organisations that are growing in popularity among gamers.


Gaming business free zone license will allow you to set up a shop or any gaming related service in the commercial sector of the country. 

While starting your gaming business in Dubai free zone, find your own place in one of the 50 trade zones in the city. Some of the benefits include, 

    • Tax exemptions
    • Export or import of things
    • Full company ownership



Under Dubai Creative Clusters Authority :

Under Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority:



Most online gaming companies are best suited for free zone incorporation. The exception to this rule is if you launch a physical store or site where players pay to buy or play games. In this case, you will need a place that is not too far from major residential areas, so people have easy access to your site.

The process to incorporate is reasonably straightforward. You will be required to submit a business plan to explain the nature of your business and have the choice of getting a physical site, work via a virtual office or business centre.

STEP 1:  plan you gaming business and make a layout of costs needed, targeted markets, etc.

STEP 2:  create your business into a legal entity could be a corporation, LLC, company, etc.

STEP 3:  get your business registered for federal taxes in the UAE.

STEP 4: create a financial account for your business

STEP 5: obtain a professional gaming license

STEP 6:  create a website for online gaming

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