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Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is the Technology that makes use of computers, storage, networking, and other physical devices, infrastructure, and processes to create, process, store, transfer, manipulate the data, and exchange all forms of electronic data. IT has become an integral part of trade and Industry these days and provides the means to develop processes, analyze exchange, store and secure information. Data processing plays a vital role in these core business practices, among others, including:-

  • product development and design;
  • marketing and market research;
  • sales and invoicing;
  • customer development and retention;
  • accounting and taxes;
  • human resources and payroll; and
  • Regulatory compliance.

Our services

Legallands the law firm in Delhi deals with matters related to Information Technology Law. when companies develop, license, acquire or sell IT and computer-related merchandise and services. we typically advise clients concerning intellectual property, licensing, software, hardware, technology transfer, outsourcing, e-commerce, procurement, consulting services, Internet, telecommunications, joint ventures, and strategic alliances, in each case across a broad range of industries and technologies. Our IT specialized team also give advice to the clients on govt regulations involving information technology, i.e. export compliance for IT-based services, data security, and domestic and international privacy rules, instructions, and specifications.

Legallands expertise in the information technology clients where they are usually the purchaser and seller of information technology, ranging from start-up undertakings to large MNCs.

Our Services:

  1. Researching, Preparing & Drafting, of Agreements
  2. Drafting IT Master Services Agreements
  3. formulation of agreement deeds maybe for a software licensesoftware development agreements between customer and Developer Company
  4. Cloud computing agreements and deeds
  5. Formation of computer equipment purchase deeds and data and content obtaining licenses
  6. Third-party services accord required for the functioning of company’s IT infrastructure and day to day operations.
  7. Agreements for Hosting Contract, hardware and software support and maintenance contracts, systems integration contract, consulting services contracts, and outsourcing contracts for a number of internal IT job,
  8. Incorporation of IT compliances in India and abroad and its compliances thereof.

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