Gaming and their Different Accounts

Gaming and their Different Accounts

Electronic game playing is referred to as Gaming, whether played on a console, computer, smartphone, or any other device. The word “Gaming” implies frequent gameplay, possibly as a hobby. Although traditionally a solitary form of relaxation, online multiplayer video games have made Gaming a popular group activity which include but not limited to e-sports, electronic arts, Minecraft, PC Game, Cloud Gaming, Mobile Gaming and Activision Blizzard among others.

India has seen numerous advancements in the Gaming industry, it has become necessary to keep your Gaming application regulated in terms of in-bound and out-bound payments. This article is an attempt to analyse the importance of different type of “Gaming Bank Accounts” and their features. 

Gaming Bank Account

A bank account is an absolute necessity for any Gaming business, big or small. Having a separate account not only keeps your company’s funds accessible and organised, but it also demonstrates the professionalism that customers expect from a service provider. Daily transactions become easier if you have a dedicated bank account, which helps you keep track of deposits, payroll costs, and taxes. It guarantees that all transactions are recorded, assessed, and safeguarded as required and allow you to make timely transfers to other businesses for goods or services given.

Having a separate bank account for your Gaming business is critical for tracking and managing income and costs. Finding the correct kind of bank account that gives benefits like minimal fees, quick access to deposited funds, and offers credit cards or lines of credit, ideal for Gaming business uses, is crucial depending on the size of your Gaming business. The easiest method to choose the kind of bank account that is ideal for you is to compare fees and interest rates and considering the features given by various banks, while being aware of any additional services or hidden prices they may offer. A successful Gaming business requires you to select a bank that meets your demands.  

Types of accounts used in Gaming would be:

Nostro Account 

The Gaming industry does involve financial transactions, particularly in the realm of in-game purchases, virtual currencies, and revenue generation. Gaming companies often have various types of accounts to manage their financial operations and handle player transactions which may include Payment gateways, Player account balance and also Virtual currency Account. However, these accounts help in ensuring that the financial operations are carried out smoothly and also provide a convenient and secure environment for players to engage in transactions within the Gaming ecosystem.

Current Account 

 In the Gaming industry, this account primarily operates within the realm of virtual goods, services, and digital transactions, rather than engaging in international trade or balance of payments.

Escrow Account 

This account is used in the context of virtual item or virtual currency transactions. It serves as a neutral third-party entity that holds the funds or items involved in a transaction until the conditions of the transaction are met. Virtual item transactions are prevalent in many online games, where players can buy or sell in-game items, such as rare weapons, skins, or accessories. When a buyer and seller agree on a transaction, so this account can be established to ensure a secure and fair exchange. 

Further, let us understand the meaning of a Service Aggregators and its different types of account.

Service Aggregators

A service aggregator refers to a platform that brings together various Gaming services or offerings into a unified marketplace. It acts as an intermediary, connecting game developers, publishers, and players while providing a centralized hub for accessing and managing Gaming services. They basically simplify the Gaming experience for both developers and players by centralizing services, expanding reach, and providing monetization opportunities. They play a significant role in shaping the Gaming ecosystem by creating the thriving marketplaces and fostering connections within the Gaming community.

  • For instance, a fintech may collaborate with two or three banks to develop an Application Programming Interface (API) solution that is connected to the banks current corporate direct connections or net banking (for example, host-to-host); the fintech would maintain and upgrade the solution as domestic payment systems, standards, and formats change. 
  • These aggregators aim to simplify the Gaming experience for users by providing a one-stop destination where they can discover, access, and engage with multiple Gaming options.
  • The role of service aggregators is to bring together the diverse Gaming services and also to contribute a more streamlined and accessible Gaming ecosystem for the gamers worldwide.

Accounts provided by service aggregators for transactions would be:

Merchant Account

It is a payment processing account specifically created for online Gaming firms. Its objective is to manage pay-outs and player rewards while also accepting deposits and payments. It is frequently linked to a payment processor installed within the website or application. 

Affiliate Accounts

The service aggregators may have these accounts affiliated with Gaming websites, where they receive commission or referral fees for driving traffic and also to generate sales. These accounts enable the aggregators to track and receive payments related to their activities. 

For Gaming companies, affiliate accounts are a way to expand their reach, tap into new audiences, and increase customer acquisition. It allows them to leverage the marketing efforts and influence of affiliates without upfront advertising costs. Additionally, affiliate accounts help Gaming companies track the effectiveness of their affiliate marketing campaigns and measure the return on investment (ROI) generated through affiliate-driven sales or leads.

Virtual Wallets

Some service aggregators offer virtual wallet accounts, allowing users to store funds within their platform. These wallets can be used for purchasing goods or services from the aggregator’s affiliated Gaming websites without the need to enter payment information for each transaction.

It includes certain forms of wallets through which payment can be made such as Apple pay, Venmo, Skrill, Square cash, PayPal, Samsung pay, Dwolla etc.

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