LOGISTICS is the process of planning, implementing, and management of the efficient, cost-effective flow and storage of raw materials, in-process inventories, manufactured goods, and relevant information from the origin point to point of consumption to satisfy customer needs. The two main functions of logistics are transportation and warehousing.

Transportation management is a complex process that involves planning, optimizing, and executing the use of vehicles for moving goods between warehouses, retail locations, and customers.

Warehousing includes functions such as inventory management and fulfillment of orders. Also involves managing warehouse infrastructure.

INBOUND LOGISTICS: Inbound logistics is the transportation, warehousing, and delivery of goods into a business. It is all about procuring things for the workplace or the production unit. A manufacturing company’s production unit purchases raw materials or components from its suppliers to produce other products.

LOGISTIC MANAGEMENT: Logistic management is a part of supply chain management. Logistics management promotes place and time utility, i.e., product at the right place and at the time required by customers. It is the process of the integration and management of goods. The supply chain is constantly changing, so the logistics must be flexible and agile to adapt to these changes and also to provide services to customers.  The main objective of logistic management is customer satisfaction.

LOGISTICS CONSULTANTS, evaluate and improve logistical processes. They analyze the supply chain operations, generate cost-efficient methods to improve logistical procedures and implement strategies into action. Logistical consultants also consult in warehousing, manufacturing, transportation, or distribution. Planning a logistics investment requires a substantial understanding of the industry and its technical features.

Responsibilities of logistic consultant:

    • Examine the logistical process to identify the strength and weaknesses.
    • Analysing the supply chain data and identifying risks.
    • Create cost-effective solutions and interventions to improve logistical efficiency.
    • Take approval and advice from senior managers on improvement plans.
    • Convey the improvement strategies to all the departments and also provide the training facility(sessions).
    • Providing guidance and support while reviewing the implementation of improvement strategies.
    • Examining the effect of improvement strategies and making necessary modifications
    • Increase the effectiveness of communication channels between consumers, vendors, and suppliers.
    • Documenting improvement strategies, setting timelines, and tracking progress.


    • Commercial Contracts and Corporate Advisory:- Logistic consultants act as an advisor to large entitled enterprises and small businesses in the logistic space for managing contractual requirements of businesses and organizations. They also act as a standing advisor to the large logistics company on various statutory, contractual, and M&A matters.
    • Disputes:- Logistic consultants, assist businesses with their dispute resolution requirements by advising logistic companies concerning claims made against the company, recovery of amounts from a client under insolvency, and pre-dispute advisory to logistic clients on various related matters.
    • License:- A license is an authorization issued by one party to another party to use licensed goods owned by the first party. There are three types of warehouse licenses, ordinary warehouse license, Public Bonded Warehouse License or Private Bonded Warehouse Licence.


A good logistics consultant must be able to assist the customer or organization by designing cost-effective supply chain solutions. This may be accomplished by developing an appropriate logistics network design to minimize product handling, resulting in a cost-effective distribution network.

The choice or selection of logistic consultants should depend upon the experience and success of defined criteria and not on the lowest-cost solution.


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