Contract, Conveyancing & Corporate Services

Contract, Conveyancing & Corporate Services


LEGALLANDS has varied experience of dealing, vetting, negotiation and finalization of various types of contracts and also interpretation of clauses and its financial and binding effects on the contracting parties. We can handle amongst many the following types of contracts:




Business Agreements

Daily Business


Real Estate


Other Legal Agreements

Appointment Letter

Trade Contracts

Authorization letters

Bill of Sale


Conveyance Deeds (sale/ mortgage/ license/ gift)

General Power of Attorney


Completion of Probation Letter

Memorandum & Articles of Association

Extension of Agreement

Direct Selling Agreement

Lease Deed – Residential


Special Power of Attorney


Employment Contract

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

Sale Invoice, Discount & Payment Policy

Lease Deed – Commercial


Service Level Agreement


Employee Termination

Shareholders Agreement

Local Service Agent Agreements 

Purchase Order and Purchase policy

Leave & License Agreements

Local sponsor and arrangement


Job Offer

Share Purchase Agreements

Website Disclaimer Policy; Website Privacy Policy

& Website Terms and Conditions

Translation and Dubbing Agreement


Tripartite Agreement

Trust deed and Sponsorship Agreement


Rejection Letter

Distribution Agreements

Sales Agency Agreements

Content License Agreement

Joint Development & Collaboration Agreement

Wills (Testamentary instruments)

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Employees)


Agreement for Merger and Acquisition between businesses

Letter of credit(s) reviews and opinions


Loan Agreement

HR Policy

Franchise Agreements

Agreement for Demerger of a business

Escrow Agreements


Matrimonial Agreements


IPR License Agreements

Business Coalition Agreement

Guarantee/ Surety Contracts


Telecast License Agreement


Term Sheet & MOUs

Collaboration Agreement

Public Private Partnership Agreement


Education Institution Management Contract


Operator Agreement

Service Provider Agreement

High Seas Agreements


Healthcare Management Contract



Equipment Lease Agreement

Hire Purchase Agreement


Family Settlement Deed



Maintenance & Service Agreements








A corporate entity is an entity duly registered with the government or its nominated agencies. The ever-changing law and business developments require every corporation to seek expert legal advice to stay in this competitive market. Business requires guidance in handling financial planning’s, corporate and legal assistance, current trade practices & incentives, government policies, tax structuring, trade planning and many other related areas. We at LEGALLANDS specialize in providing optimum level corporate services catering to the Business & Corporate Houses etc. With experienced professionals having multi-facet experience in dealing and managing corporate matters by guiding the corporations in capital structuring, decision-making, growth planning etc.


The importance of a Company Service Provider are as follows:

  1. Business Pressure:- In big corporate businesses, it becomes difficult to handle the huge pile of business compliances which is mandatorily to be complied with. In that case separate Corporate Service Providers are outsourced to provide with the required services. In this manner the tasks are executed in a more efficient was as a separate skilled body is hired for executing the work. Working with skilled and experienced professionals also helps in bringing the element of assurance in the Business operations.
  1. Time Saving:- It is a time saving procedure as for specific tasks a separate body is hired. This will bring efficient outcomes for the company and tasks will be error free. The regulations and compliances are complex tasks and needs professionals to execute the work otherwise there will always be risk for non-compliances of the regulations which may also result in imposition of penalties and result into financial burden on the company.
  1. Complex Work Process:- The corporate data analysis and performing its compliances is a very complex task. It is to be performed accurately and thus a professional is required to execute the same.
  1. Internal Control System:- Corporate Service providers are professionals and hold in-depth knowledge regarding the field they are handling. With the understanding the loopholes in the policies and working of the Company can also be rectified which will only enhance the performance of the company in the market.
  1. Business Advisory Services include the service of advising a Company regarding business transactions, business prospects, company risk factors, analyzing company policies and its better implementation with the aim of benefitting and advancement in the Business. Business advises are a very important factor in the development of the Business and its sustenance in the market.
  2. Finance and Banking involves assistance in opening of corporate bank accounts, strategies for infusion of capital funding and inward or outward investments, intake of loans and advances for the working capital management and other operational activities of the entity.
  3. Accounting and Tax Services includes obtaining licenses with Taxation authorities, GST Registrations, assistance in filing of Tax Returns, consultancy related to Double Tax Avoidance between different countries (International), book-keeping and accounting services.
  4. Secretarial Services are services performed by Practicing Company Secretary recognized by ICSI, to check compliance under the provisions of various laws and rules/ regulations/ procedures applicable to organization. It ensures the development and implementation of the compliance framework in a company on the activity, sector and industry and covers documentation, maintenance, search reports, along with due diligence which helps in determination of strategic and investment decision of any company.
  5. Mergers & Acquisitions refers to collaboration between two entities in form of merger or amalgamations or acquiring of another entity within the existing. LEGALLANDS helps an entity in validating the authenticity of other entity by performing due diligence along with assistance in preparation and submission of all the necessary documentations and representations.
  6. Due diligence refers to the precautionary research about the entity prior to entering into a new venture or trade facilitation which can be of many types depending upon the requirements of an enterprise, such as – Financial Due Diligence, Legal Due Diligence, Tax Due Diligence, Operational Due Diligence, IT Due Diligence, HR Due Diligence, Regulatory Due Diligence.
  7. Business Growth Planning refers to growth in business by way of market differentiation, product differentiation, diversification and setting up of new venture. Businesses may grow either horizontally or vertically. LEGALLANDS helps an entity in boosting business ventures along with assistance in ascertaining legal compliances necessary for the growth and development of the business.

LEGALLANDS provides outsourcing corporate services by understanding the market in which the Company stands and assisting in taking care of the Organization’s data/information without any hassle. The Services are provided by experienced professionals having years of dealing in and managing corporate matters while likewise guiding the company in decision-making.

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