International Taxation Lawyers in Delhi

What is International Taxation?

International Tax is a field of tax where two countries are taxed simultaneously. Tax has become a universal sovereign issue nowadays and every Individual state has its own Exclusive right to tax its residents but when there is taxing of the same property or person by two different states then the disputes arise. International double taxation occurs where the tax authorities of two ormore countries concurrently impose taxes having the same bases and incidence of tax arises in such a manner that a person incurs a heavier tax burden than what he is supposed to incur. A country will usually reserve a right to tax its residents on their Global income and the tax authority usually wishes to tax all incomes and gains no matter the person is resident or not and this is done on source basis.

Taxing internationally revolves around the scope and legalities of different nations depending upon the agreements and treaties between the nation. Currently, India has DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement) with 88 countries across the world and among that the DTAA is in force with 86 countries. DTAA mentions about the applicability of tax laws and rules on specific country and the possibility of situations where an individual / entity can attract double taxation obligation and corresponding avoidance and relaxations from the same. International tax policy development originates from the need to control the tax planning activities of multinational group of companies, who have considerable choice available to them as to where to locate their activities so as to potentially achieve tax savings in that particular country and of a resident.

What is the role of International Taxation Lawyers in Delhi?

An International Taxation Lawyers is the one whose practice revolves around the tax structures of countries, which can be detailed as follows:

  • Advise businesses with multiple global offices varying from country to country considering the DTAA.
  • Advice giving and analysis of tax structures, in order to save taxes from double taxation.
  • The International Taxation Lawyers in Delhi will outline all of the company’s potential tax obligations and will work together with accountants and other corporate staff to ensure that all taxes are properly, and timely, paid without causing any delay.
  • The International Taxation Lawyers in Delhi will also help businesses to find out ways to minimize their tax obligations. The lawyers will trace out loopholes and look for exemptions and which will try to minimize taxable events and maximize available deductions.

Which Services are offered by International Taxation Lawyers in Delhi?

  • Advice on Cross-border tax planning.
  • Advice on tax matters for individuals and families who are moving aboard or are resident outside India.
  • Tax domicile and residence for you and your trusts, foundations and companies.
  • Tax-efficient structuring and cross-border investment.
  • Using international tax treaties and conventions to Minimize the overall cost of taxes.
  • Tax compliance and filing up tax returns.
  • Complying with either Bilateral or unilateral tax treaty to minimize the overall cost of taxes incurred.
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