Investment Dispute Resolution

An asset or object that’s accumulated with the intention of bringing in plutocrat or recognition is appertained to as an investment. The accession of effects that aren’t used right down but will be utilised to produce wealth down the road is known as an investment in a profitable perspective. Investment Dispute Resolution A fiscal asset bought with the anticipation that it’ll continue to induce income or that it’ll be vended at an advanced cost price for a profit is known as an investment in the finance assiduity.

 The investor has the option of expanding their business or investment both domestically and internationally, but sometimes, investments don’t go as expected at first, and various types of disputes between the parties arise. A dispute is a disagreement on point of view, law, fact or interest between the parties.  Investment dispute means a dispute between an investor of one Party and the other Party arising out of or in connection with a covered investment. In view of international law, investment made by foreigner in the country other than his own, a foreigner can be a state as well as an individual.

To settle these disputes World Bank established a multilateral treaty in the year 1966 known as ‘International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes’ ICSID. It was created by the executive directors of the World Bank to promote the objective of International Investment. Its availability gives the investor a confidence regarding the dispute resolution. It is the top organisation in the world for resolving international investment disputes. It has handled the majority of all disputes involving international investments, giving it great knowledge in this area. Most international investment treaties, as well as a number of investment legislation and contracts, recognise ICSID as a forum for the resolution of investor-State disputes. Arbitration, conciliation, mediation, and fact-finding are all options for dispute resolution under ICSID.

The ICSID mechanism was created to carefully balance the interests of investors and host States while considering the unique features of international investment disputes and the parties involved. After hearing the parties’ evidence and legal arguments, an impartial Conciliation Commission or Arbitral Tribunal considers each case. Each case is given its own ICSID case team, which works closely with it from start to finish. By now, ICSID has handled more over 900 of these cases. As of May 2016, 153 contracting member states agreed to enforce and uphold arbitral awards in accordance with the ICSID Convention.[1]

ICSID registered his first case in the year 1972. As of June 2022, ICSID’s caseload consisted of 90.6% convention arbitration cases, 1.2 % convention conciliation cases, as well as 8% additional facility arbitration cases, and 0.2 % additional facility conciliation cases. ICSID’s registered cases were distributed as shown under.[2]

Investment Dispute Resolution


Every country’s policy on doing business with other countries has been emerging with different parameters. Various policies and agreements are put in place to reduce barriers between countries, and with fewer barriers comes more investment, and with more investment chances of investment disputes expands. With the faith in Legal System worldwide and scope of settlements and resolution from the international bodies, the investor has confidence that their business is safe.




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