FEMA Regulations 2000 Download the Forms

Form A1Application for Remittance in Foreign Currency Download Form
Form A1Application for Transfer of Indian Rupees to the Account of a Non-resident BankDownload Form
Form A1Application for Payment through Asian Clearing UnionDownload Form
Form A2Application for Remittance AbroadDownload Form
Form A3To be completed for transfer of rupees from/to the account of a non-resident other than for transactions with the public in IndiaDownload Form
Form A4To be completed for debits and credits to non-resident accounts of all types other than the accounts of non-resident banks, requiring approval of Reserve Bank or for report to Reserve Bank. Download Form
BALStatement of foreign currency balances held abroad by authorized dealers and balances held in non-resident rupee/ACU Dollar accounts of overseas branches and correspondents as at the end Download Form
BCICertificate of Foreign Inward Remittance.Download Form
BCXCertificate of ExportDownload Form
BEFStatement showing details of remittances affected towards import in respect of which documentary evidence of import has not been submitted by the importers despite reminders.Download Form
CDFCurrency Declaration Form (CDF).Download Form
DSPSale of shares/bonds/debentures of Indian companies by non-residents of Indian nationality/origin and overseas bodies predominantly owned by such persons and disposal of sale proceeds thereof in terms of permissions granted by the Reserve Bank of India – Statement for the quarter endedDownload Form
EBWStatement showing particulars of export bills permitted to be written off for the year ended 31st DecemberDownload Form
ECBapplication and Reporting of loan agreement details under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1909Download Form
ECB 2Reporting of actual transaction of External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) under foreign exchange Management Act. 1999  for all categories and any amount of loan) Return for the Month ended ofDownload Form
ECFEncashment CertificateDownload Form
ECREncashment CertificateDownload Form
ECTApplication for permission for export of commodities on elongated credit terms beyond 180 daysDownload Form
ENCStatement of Export Bill negotiations for collection during fortnightly period from_________to___________ (to cover all exports under outright sale, consignment exports, exports under deferred payment arrangement or any other arrangement)Download Form
ETXApplication for permission to extend the period for realisation of export proceedsDownload Form
EDFExport Declaration Form for Export of Goods/Software.Foreign Investment in India – Single Master Form Common detailsDownload Form
Form FC-GPRDownload Form
Form FC-TRSDownload Form
Form LLP-I(Receipt of capital contribution)Download Form
Form LLP-II(Transfer of capital contribution/profit shares)Download Form
Form ESOPDownload Form
Form CNDownload Form
Form DRRDownload Form
Form DIR SeriesDownload Form
Form INViDetails of foreign investment in Investment Vehicle Pre and Post transaction – Shareholding pattern Foreign investment in company/LLDownload Form
Form Advancereport by the Indian company receiving amount of consideration forDownload Form
Reporting Formissue of shares/Convertible debentures under the FDI SchemeDownload Form
Form – FFMC LICENCEApplication Form for FFMC Licence under Section 10(1) of FEMA, 1999Download Form
FORM – FIT AND PROPER CRITERIAInformation about New Directors/Change of Directors of the FFMC/non-bank AD Category IIDownload Form
FORM FLM 1Daily Summary and Balance Book (Foreign Currency notes/coins)Download Form
FORM FLM 2Daily Summary and Balance Book (Travellers’ cheques)Download Form
FORM FLM 3Register of purchases of foreign currencies form the publicDownload Form
FORM FLM 4Register of purchases of foreign currency notes/coins from Authorised dealers and authorised money-changersDownload Form
FORM FLM 5Register of sales of foreign currencies to the public  Download Form
FORM FLM 6Register of sales of foreign currency notes/coins to authorised dealer full-fledged money changers overseas bankDownload Form
FORM FLM 7Register of travellers cheques surrendered to authoriseddealers authorized money changers exportedDownload Form
FORM FLM 8(For FFMC) – Summary statement of purchases and sale of foreign currency notes during the month of 200Download Form
FORM FLM 8(For AD Category-II) Summary statement of purchase and sale of foreign currency notes during the month of ___200Download Form
FORMStatement of Purchase Transaction of USD 10,000 and aboveDownload Form
FORMStatement showing summation of F.C. Accounts opened in IndiaDownload Form
FORMStatement of the amount of foreign currency written off during the financial year endedDownload Form
FORMInformation about New Director/Change of Directors of the FFMC/ Non-Bank AD Category-IIDownload Form
FNCApplication for establishment of branch office liaison office project office in IndiaDownload Form
FTDStatement showing daily turnover of foreign exchangeDownload Form
FXTStatement showing the details of turnover of foreign exchange business done on all India basis by (AD name)Download Form
FORMFC/IL – SIA Composite Form for Foreign Collaboration and Industrial LicenceDownload Form
GPBStatement showing gap, position and cash balancesDownload Form
IΡΙDeclaration of immovable property acquired in India by person resident outside IndiaDownload Form
LEC (FIIs)Statement showing company wise details of total purchase and sale of equity share/convertible debentures made by designated branch of________on______ on behalf of Foreign Institutional Investors through stock exchanges in India and out of issues directly madeDownload Form
LEC (NRIs)Statement showing company wise details of total purchases and sales of equity shares /convertible debentures made through designated branches of ADs under Portfolio Investment Scheme on behalf of their NRI/OCB clientsDownload Form
LEGApplication for remittance of legacies, bequest or inheritances to beneficiaries resident outside IndiaDownload Form
ODIDownload Form
ORAParticulars of approvals granted for (i) opening of non-trading office (ii) posting of representative abroad for the half year ending onDownload Form
POSStatement of Positions for the weekDownload Form
FORM PPExchange Control (Exporter’s Declaration) (Original)Download Form
FORM PPExchange Control (Exporter’s Declaration) (Duplicate)Download Form
RBM 1Offer for spot sale of U.S. dollars to the Reserve Bank of IndiaDownload Form
RBM 2Offer for purchase of U.S. dollars from Reserve Bank of IndiaDownload Form
RECStatement showing position of unreconciled entries in Nostro Accounts as on 31 March/30 September____Download Form
RFCApplication for opening an RFC Account.Download Form
RFNApplication for transfer of assets by foreigners retiring from IndiaDownload Form
RMC FDownload Form
RLM 3Statement of foreign currency surrendered to authorized dealers/full-fledged money changers during the quarterDownload Form
RRDSpecial report on rupee dealing with overseas banks for the month of___Download Form
R Return (Nostro)Return of transactions for the fortnightDownload Form
R Return (Vostro)Return of operations of Vostro Accounts for the fortnight endedDownload Form
R-Supple monetary ReturnSupplementary statement of Non-Export Receipts equivalent of Rs 1,00,000 and aboveDownload Form
SCH 1Schedule of remittances effected for /credits afforded to Vostro A/C towards payment of imports [Item I.A. of R-Return (NOSTRO) Col. 3(a) of R-Return (VOSTRO)Download Form
SCH 2Schedule of remittances effected for purposes other than import [Item I.C. of R-Return (NOSTRO/Col. 4 of R-Return (VOSTRO)Download Form
SCH 3Schedule giving particulars of GR/PP/SOFTEX forms where full payment has been received (Item IIA of R-Return (NOSTRO/Column 7 of R-Return (VOSTRO)Download Form
SCH 4Schedule giving details of GR/PP/SOFTEX forms where part payment has been received [Item IIA of R-Return (NOSTRO Column 7 of R-Return (VOSTRO)Download Form
SCH 5Schedule giving details of full export proceeds received in advance [Item IIA of R-Return (NOSTRO/Column 7 of R-Return (VOSTRO)Download Form
SCH 6Schedule giving details of part export proceeds received in advance [Item IIA of R-Return (NOSTRO/Column 7 of R-Return (VOSTRO)Download Form
SDF/EDFDownload Form
STAT 5Statement showing inflow outflow of deposits under Foreign Currency (Non-Resident) Account (Banks) Scheme for the month of (Deleted)Download Form
STAT 6Statement showing purchase of exchange in the form of travellers cheques, currency notes and coins and drawings under inward travellers letters of credit during the quarter ended.Download Form
STAT 8Statement showing inflow/outflow of deposits under Non-Resident (External) Rupee (NRE) Account Scheme for the month of (Deleted)Download Form
STAT 9statement showing inflow/outflow of deposits under Non-resident(Non-repatriable) Rupee Deposit (NRNR) Scheme for the month ofDownload Form
STAT 10Statement showing inflow/outflow of deposits under Resident Foreign Currency (RFC) Account Scheme for the month ofDownload Form
FORM TCPart I: Approvals of Trade Credit granted by all branches during the (Month/Year) Part II : Disbursement, Utilisation and Debt Servicing of Trade Credit during (month)/(year)Download Form
TRAStatement of sale of foreign currency for travel purposeDownload Form
XOSStatement of particulars of export bills outstanding beyound the prescribed period/due date of realisation as at 30th June/31st December 20Download Form

Know more about the Forms Prescribed by Reserve Bank under FEMA Regulations, 2000

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