New UAE Citizenship Law

UAE’s New Citizenship law Policy has approved it’s Golden Visa’ Program allowing up to 10 years of residency. The United Arab Emirates has announced its new citizenship policy through which it plans to offer citizenship to a select group of foreigners. It has become the first nation in the Gulf Arab countries to formalize a process aiming at giving expatriates/ foreign residents a bigger stake in the economy. The policy shift is aimed at attracting talent to the UAE in a way that will boost growth.

The law permits receivers of the UAE passport to keep their existing citizenship. Non- residents in the UAE usually have renewable visas effective for only a few years secured until employment. • Recently, the government has made its visa policy more flexible,

Who can apply for UAE citizenship?

As per the new amendments to the UAE Citizenship Law, people falling under the following categories are considered eligible to apply for UAE Citizenship:-

  • Investors
  • Doctors
  • Specialized Degree Holders; includes artificial intelligence, bio-data, and epidemiology etc.
  • Inventors
  • Scientists;
  • Degree holders in Computer, electronics, programming, electrical, and biotechnological engineering etc.
  • Talents
  • Intellectuals
  • Artists

Amendments to the UAE Citizenship Laws open new possibilities for expats (a person residing in a country other than the native country)

Why such changes are brought up by UAE in Its Policy?

  • The population of UAE comprises more than 80% of who have for decades been a mainstay of its economy.
  • Oil-rich Gulf states have been compulsory asked to contemplate extended residency and restricted its citizenship rules for foreigners as they seek to attract investment and diversify from oil.
  • Earlier, in 2020, the UAE abolished the need for companies to have Emirati shareholders, in a major shake-up of foreign ownership laws aimed at fascinating investment into an economy reeling from the coronavirus and a decline in oil prices.

What are the conditions to be fulfilled by expats who are hoping to become Emirati passport holders?

The criteria for expats who are hoping to become Emirati passport holders depends upon the relevant category he/she falls into:-


Investors must own a property in the UAE in order to obtain Citizenship in UAE. The Golden Visa includes –

  1. General Investor, who will be given 10 years residency visas;
  2. Real estate investors, who are given 5 years visa;

Doctors and Specialists

Doctors must be in possession of a specialized degree in a unique or medical science discipline. Moreover, the applicant’s contribution to studies and scientific research should be incredible, along with 10 years of practical exposure experience. Employment or membership at a reputable organization related to the field of specialization is also of prime importance to acquire citizenship in UAE.

The DoctorsEngineersresearchers, and innovators can get up to 10 years of visa.


Must be an active researcher who is currently employed at a research center, university, or private sector, with at least 10 years of practical experience. The applicant should have won any prestigious scientific award or secured a substantial research grant within the past decade. A recommendation letter from a recognized scientific institution is also mandatory for the purpose of nomination according to the UAE Citizenship Law’s amendments.


Inventors have to attain at least one patent approved from the UAE Ministry of Economy or a reputable international body, along with a valid recommendation letter from the Ministry of Economy.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Creative Talents

Winners of any international awards in the field of culture, arts and should also present recommendation letters from the relevant government entity.

 Can Families of such Individuals also apply for obtaining citizenship of UAE?

Yes, families of such Individuals can also apply for UAE Citizenship.

How can we Apply for UAE Citizenship?

Emirati Citizenship can only be acquired by nominations from Rulers’ and Crown Princes’ Courts, the Cabinet based on federal entities nominations and Executive Councils. The process of nominations has not been outlined as yet and will be announced on some late date.

What are the advantages of acquiring a UAE Passport?

There are a number of benefits of being a UAE passport holder, such as having the right to our own commercial entities and properties within the UAE, visa-free travel to more than 100 countries, and many more benefits are available.

Are there any other requirements?

There are some requirements that come into play once you have qualified all the passport requirements. These include the following:

  • Swearing an oath of allegiance.
  • A Commitment to abide by the law of the land.
  • Informing the relevant government entity regarding acquiring a new citizenship or giving up one.
Can Citizenship be withdrawn?

Yes, in case of breach of terms and conditions of the UAE rules and laws, citizenship could be withdrawn or cease off as per the UAE Citizenship Law.

Nationality by Law

As per the legal guidelines of UAE citizenship rules, “Nationality by law is granted to every Arab individual who was residing in one of the seven emirates on or before 1925 and who continued to reside therein until the effective date.

Nationality is also granted to the children of a father who is a UAE national irrespective of whether they were born in UAE or some other country. Similarly, the UAE nationality by the law also applies to the children of a mother who is a UAE national by operation of law and “whose filiation to his/her father is not substantiated”.

Lastly, it also covers those infants who are born to unknown parents with proof of birth in the UAE are also considered to have been born in the UAE.

Nationality by Citizenship 

On the other hand, the UAE nationality by citizenship is granted to foreign women who get married to a UAE national. In such cases, the nationality is usually granted within a period of seven years from the date of citizenship application to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

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